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Something is stuck at your gate? Would you like to see how to program the special functions for your garage door opener? Or is there a problem with the hand-held transmitter? Here you will find all operating instructions and installation instructions for our Marantec operators and our wide range of accessories.

How to Find the Right Operating Instructions

Simply enter the name of your product in the search field, for example Comfort 360 or Digital 382.
If you do not know the production date, just leave the current date. You will then receive a selection of the operating instructions published to date for this product.

A short note: Depending on the drive system, the operating instructions may consist of several documents - for example, drive and control. Please check that you have downloaded all the necessary documents before using them.

Sorry, nothing found 🙁
Please check if you have spelled the product name correctly or if a space is missing between name and number (e.g. Digital 564, not Digital564). Use the suggestions in the dropdown.

You Have Not Found the Operating Instructions You Are Looking For?

Then have a look in our archive. Here you will find manuals of older products (before 2005), which are no longer manufactured.

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You Want to Install a Garage Door Opener?

We are pleased that you have chosen a Marantec product! In addition to our comprehensive installation and operating instructions, we show you in the video how to install your garage door drive quickly and easily.

Note: When starting the video, content is loaded from Youtube.

Looking for Information about Your Handheld Transmitter?

Do you want to program or reprogram your handheld transmitter or have you lost it? We have compiled all the relevant information for you.

To the Installation Instructions for Handheld Transmitters

You Have Further Questions About Our Products?

You want more light in your garage? Your swing gate system has a slope? The power connection is missing? We will give you comprehensive answers to these and other questions on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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You would like to know something else or tell us something? Please feel free to use our contact form.

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